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Complex water treatment for a cottage

Water treatment for a cottage

A catastrophically unfavorable ecological situation (even in regions far from cities) forces one to resort to drinking water purification. This becomes the rule for people who care about their loved ones.


Considering the factor that the process of contamination of drinking water sources is increasing, the timely introduction of individual or integrated water treatment plants into the construction plan for cottages will help avoid this problem in the future. An efficient and cost-effective cleaning device for installation in a cottage or country house is a filtration system.


Installation of a filtration system for water purification

Purification filtration systems are installed in houses and cottages to protect human health, keep plumbing and household water heating devices in excellent condition. Water treatment and water purification allow:

  • get rid of bacterial and viral infection;
  • to purify water from excess hardness;
  • to give water softness, pleasant taste and safety.


Whatever the main water purification system in the cottage, the installation of a mechanical filter with a steel mesh is supposed to be the first stage. It will not allow large impurities in the form of sand, grass and other debris to the cleaning device, which disables the cleaning equipment.

Water treatment for cottage settlements: solutions

The construction of cottage settlements is gaining momentum: more and more summer cottages appear near large cities, where people like to spend their free time during the summer holidays and such long-awaited weekends. Most of our contemporaries try to relax in nature, forgetting about all the problems of a noisy city. But this can be done only if the cottage is equipped with the necessary communications. Moreover, you can do without a telephone and the Internet, but people need high-quality water just as they need clean air.


The problem of providing cottage settlements with water is solved, as a rule, by drilling artesian wells. But the quality of water does not always correspond to those indicators that are established by generally accepted standards. That is why high-quality water treatment is necessary.


How to purify water for cooking and household needs?

The peculiarities of the construction of modern cottage settlements are that all communication systems are laid at the initial stage, that is, during design. The quality of the equipment used for water treatment and water treatment determines the standard of living and comfort of all residents of suburban settlements.

Aqua Solutions will undertake the solution of all problems related to the provision of individual houses and entire microdistricts with high-quality water:

  • work is underway to prepare water for drinking and cooking;
  • all houses are provided with process water, which is required for heating systems, as well as air conditioning and cooling systems;
  • modern methods of purification of water used for filling swimming pools are applied.

Water purification and water treatment methods

Innovation centers are engaged in the development and implementation of the most modern methods of water preparation and purification. All research is carried out using the latest scientific achievements. The main goal of the development is to provide customers with high-quality water, which will be completely purified from harmful impurities that pose a real threat to human health.


In addition to the main goal, which boils down to improving water quality, other tasks are being solved. The activities of a large staff of employees are aimed at improving the efficiency of the proposed equipment, reducing energy consumption and ensuring maximum environmental friendliness.

At the moment, a large number of water treatment products have already been developed, which are used in several countries. In particular, owners of houses in cottage settlements and heads of management companies may be interested in such equipment:

  • various types of compact filters for drinking water purification;
  • UV installations that are used for water disinfection;
  • softeners, with the help of which drinking and process water is processed;

To obtain safe drinking water, it is not enough to install a washing filter with a mesh. The ultrafiltration apparatus will give the water greater purity and reliability. This complex is quite enough to obtain high-quality pure water. But if it is necessary to reduce the hardness of the liquid, then a softener filter can be added.


Benefits of water purification by filtration systems

A water purification method that disinfects and clarifies liquid without preliminary preparation and with low financial costs is filtration technology. In addition to disinfection and clarification, this technology removes toxic particles and dangerous germs with viruses.


Filtration is based on the principle of membrane water purification. The translucent dense membrane of the device removes suspended particles of heavy metals from the water along with microorganisms. This method of water purification provides consumers with clean, soft, light and safe water, and as a bonus, those beneficial minerals that the ultrafiltration technology leaves in the water.


Household water treatment systems improve the quality of drinking water and protect human life from disease. These products are not cheap. Therefore, a long period of trouble-free operation is one of the main requirements of the consumer. Equipment from AquaSolutions meets all the requirements that the consumer makes for water treatment and purification systems.


The company uses modern scientific research to create products. Water treatment systems consume electricity economically, which is currently the main requirement of consumers. Some of the developments are the result of experience gained over the years in the field of water treatment.

Water treatment systems meet the requirements of organizations that conduct environmental monitoring. Filtration systems perform their function technologically with high quality and have an impeccable design.





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