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Professional water purification and water treatment systems

Water treatment systems


Aqua Solutions

Everyone knows that water plays a key role, both in human life and in all areas of his activity. But we often forget to pay due attention to the problem of water quality. For humans, clean water is a source of health, beauty and well-being.


Aqua Solutions company is a modern team of professionals who specialize in water purification and water treatment. Our clients include both industrial enterprises and individual consumers. We offer you not only ready-made solutions for water purification, but also water treatment systems for individual requirements. The use of various methods allows us to solve any task, using the optimal approach.


European quality

Only the best equipment for water purification in apartments and cottages, for industrial water treatment, produced in Europe using innovative technologies, which has no analogues on the Ukrainian market.


High standards

Patented European quality that meets European and international standards at competitive prices. Maximum environmental friendliness, safety, reliability and ease of use.



Maximum environmental friendliness, safety, reliability and ease of use. Our know-how and patented methods and products cover the entire spectrum of water treatment.


Installation and Service

High-quality installation, commissioning, service, warranty and post-warranty services, carried out by highly qualified specialists of our company.


Individual approach

An individual approach to each client, careful selection of equipment, taking into account the characteristics of the quality of the source water. Water analysis carried out in a laboratory.


Years of experience

Highly qualified engineering, many years of experience in the successful implementation of water treatment projects for both large and small objects of various types and purposes.